I want to welcome you to PaxBlog! At this virtual table we will “break bread” together. With a Bible in one hand, a newpaper in the other, and with 2000 years of Catholic Social Thought looking over our shoulders we will examine the pressing issues facing this world. Perhaps through our dialogue we will sharpen our thinking, define our actions, and deepen our resolve. Remember, this is a blog, not an “official church document.” So don’t get all bent out of shape if something said here doesn’t seem quite “orthodox”. This is a free flowing forum. We’ll have our say, you can have yours. The emphasis is on the process, not the end product.

Tom Garlitz, editor

1 thought on “Welcome

  1. In a recent message to members of Congress the US Catholic Bishops Conference has stated its position on the current debate on Health Care Reform or Health Insurance Reform as some prefer to call it.

    In their statement the Bishops have declared Universal Health care to be a “fundamental Human Right”

    If Health Care is a fundamental human right where then is there a role for a “for profit” motive in either healthcare delivery or healthcare finance?

    Catholic Bishops have been silent on this issue.

    All the Catholic healthcare delivery institutions such as hospital, nursing homes, hospice etc are non profits. Even the Mayo Clinic which is cited as a model for healthcare delivery is a non-profit.

    With limited dollars available for healthcare in our economy how can we justify diverting dollars to paying execessive CEO salaries, adminstrative costs including costs of advertising etc and the demands of the capital markets for return on investment?

    Whatever dollars are directed for these purposes are
    taken from higher premium costs and/or limitation of benefits and/or lowever payments to healthcare providers such as the non-profit Catholic healthcare
    delivery institutions.

    Why then have the Bishops been silent on this issue which relates more to “for profit” vs “non profit” models and not necessarily to the issue of “public vs private” options.

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