Taking Responsibility for Sin

“Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world.”   Scripture is full of irony.  Just a few weeks ago we heard Jesus proclaimed a King, though he was a baby.  Today we hear him announced as a Lamb, though he is a grown man in the strength of his prime.  To our way of thinking this is backward.  A vulnerable baby is a lamb.  A strong man can be king.  But God is forever challenging our concepts of what makes for authority and power.  God’s Kingdom and ways always go counter to the structures and means of this world.

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A Star is Born

Peace Connections

magi_1“Lord every nation will adore you.”

How many kings visited baby Jesus in Bethlehem?  This was the question I would ask my students as I taught the Christmas story.  Invariably they would get it wrong.  If you answered three, you got it wrong too!  The answer is none.  They were not kings; they were wise men.  Nor do we know how many wise men there were either, only that there were three gifts.  And Jesus was no longer a baby but a toddler.  Tradition has made them kings, but scripture says they were wise men.  We know Jesus was a toddler because when Herod inquired as to the time of the appearance of the star, so as to determine who he was going to kill, he decided to kill all male children two and under.  Furthermore, the story says the wise men went to the house, not the manger.  It’s…

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