Economic Justice for All – Introduction & Chapter 1 Discussion

After reading the Introduction & Chapter 1 of Economic Justice for All, post your thoughts in the comments section regarding the following discussion questions:

  1. The pastoral letter begins by saying that “Every perspective on economic life that is human, moral, and Christian must be shaped by three questions: What does the economy do for people? What does it do to people? And how do people participate in it?”In what ways do you see the economy helping or hurting people in your own life? In our community? In the nation? In the world?
  2. The bishops say that “The fundamental moral criterion for all economic decisions, policies, and institutions is this: They must be at the service of all people, especially the poor.” Who are the poor and vulnerable in your community? How are they served or not served, by the economy?
  3. The bishops say, “Sustaining a common culture and a common commitment to moral values is not easy in our world . . . Strengthening common moral vision is essential if the economy is to serve all people more fairly.” How would you describe the “common moral vision” that the bishops call for? What elements of our culture and our society hinder or enhance the development of that moral vision?

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