Chapter 3C: Selected Economic Policy Issues – Food and Agriculture

After reading Chapter 3C: Selected Economic Policy Issues – Food and Agriculture from Economic Justice for All and the supplemental readings, post your thoughts in the comments section regarding the discussion questions below.

Supplemental Readings & Resources:

Faith, Food & the Environment Symposium – highlights from the Catholic Rural Life symposium held in November 2014 on the campus of the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, explores current day issues regarding food and agriculture.

Catholic Rural Life – a national, Catholic nonprofit organization dedicated to the vitality of the American countryside since 1923.  While the issues that affect rural communities have changed over the decades, CRL continues to advance their mission through three distinct but inter-related Areas of Impact:

  • Ethical Food and AgricultureAdvocating and educating for a more just and sustainable food supply, from the farm to the kitchen table.
  • Rural Outreach and Ministry: Revitalizing the spiritual, social, and economic well-being of America’s rural communities.
  • Stewardship of Creation: Instilling a sense of wonder and responsibility for the natural world, now and for generations to come.

Discussion Questions:

Discuss the agricultural crisis facing American farmers today in light of the historical context the bishops present in their overview, along with the issues identified by CRL:

  1. What are some of the “external” factors that continue to aggravate the current farming situation?
  2. How does the farm crisis affect the entire economy and the society?
  3. What action can your community/parish take to ease the plight of American farmers?

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