Chapter 3B: Selected Economic Policy Issues – Poverty

After reading Chapter 3B: Selected Economic Policy Issues – Poverty from Economic Justice for All and the supplemental readings, post your thoughts in the comments section regarding the discussion questions below.

Supplemental Readings:

US Poverty – Issue Brief 2014 (US Department of Health & Human Services)

The War on Poverty (US News & World Report)

Who’s poor in America? (Pew Research Center)

Discussion Questions:

  1. While lower than what it was in 1964 (19%), when President Lyndon Johnson launched the War on Poverty, the current poverty rate (14.5%) is significantly higher than it was at its lowest point in 1973 (11.1%).  What do you think is the cause for the lack of progress in reducing poverty in the United States?
  2. Why are some groups – racial minorities, children, female-headed families – especially hard-hit by poverty?
  3. What myths and misconceptions about the poor have you witnessed in your community?
  4. What can be done in your parish to assist the poor?
  5. How can you enable the poor to help themselves?
  6. How can you address the deeper causes of poverty through public advocacy and through the political process?

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