Chapter 3A: Selected Economic Policy Issues – Employment

After reading Chapter 3ASelected Economic Policy Issues – Employment in Economic Justice for All, post your thoughts in the comments section regarding the following discussion questions:

  1. The pastoral letter says that the most urgent priority for domestic economic policy is the creation of new jobs with adequate pay and decent working conditions. Why is full employment such an important goal? What are some of the social and human costs of unemployment as evidenced in your community? How can the private and public sectors work together to reduce unemployment? What programs are in place in your community to assist the unemployed and to provide job training and job creation?
  2. In addition to the specific issues treated in the pastoral letter, the bishops urge continuing exploration of important questions concerning our economic system and the values it expresses. For example, does our economic system place more emphasis on maximizing profits than on meeting human needs and fostering human dignity? Does our economy distribute its benefits equitably or does it concentrate power and resources in the hands of a few? Does it promote excessive materialism and individualism? Does it direct too many scarce resources to military purposes?

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