Economic Justice for All

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Chapter 5: A Commitment to the Future


Introduction & Chapter 1: The Church and the Future of the U.S. Economy

Chapter 2: The Christian Vision of Economic Life

Chapter 3A: Selected Economic Policy Issues – Employment

Chapter 3B: Selected Economic Policy Issues – Poverty

Chapter 3C : Selected Economic Policy Issues – Food and Agriculture

Chapter 3D: Selected Economic Policy Issues – The U.S. Economy and the Developing Nations: Complexity, Challenge, and Choices

Chapter 4: A New American Experiment: Partnership for the Public Good


Taxpayer unrest, labor tensions, immigration, and globalization are all aspects

of the growing income gap between the very wealthy and the poor, and the diminishing middle class. Income inequality has been a central theme of Pope Francis’ papacy. It is also receiving much attention from others as well. Standard & Poor’s recently issued a report asking the following questions:

The topic of income inequality and its effects has been the subject of countless analysis stretching back generations and crossing geopolitical boundaries. Despite the tend

ency to speak about this issue in moral terms, the central questions are economic ones: Would the U.S. economy be better off with a narrower income gap? And, if an unequal distribution of income hinders growth, which solutions could do more harm than good, and which could make the economic pie bigger for all?

While there is no denying these are economic issues, as people of faith, we are compelled to consider the moral, as well as the financial, dimensions of our personal economic actions and our government policies. You are invited to join your sisters and brothers in faith in an online conversation to help shape your response to the questions confronting us.

Support for economic justice is an essential element of Catholic social teaching. To help form our consciences and enable us to participate in public discourse on this very important topic, the Justice and Peace Ministry of the Office for Human Dignity and the Joliet Diocese Social Justice Coalition are launching a year-long initiative centered in Economic Justice for All: A Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy issued by the United States Catholic Bishops nearly 30 years ago.

Each month for the next eight months (beginning in October, 2014), we will email you a portion of Economic Justice for All (about 10 pages), along with a few discussion questions and perhaps some other related readings. You can then respond here to all or some of the questions and comment on what others have to say.  Sign-up today to have the monthly Economic Justice for All Readings sent directly to you.

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