Chapter 5: A Commitment to the Future

After reading Chapter 5: A Commitment to the Future from Economic Justice for All, reflect on the following questions and consider posting your responses in the comment section below.

Supplemental Reading:

A Decade After “Economic Justice for All”: Continuing Principles, Changing Context, New Challenges

Discussion Questions:

  1. The bishops call the laity to holiness in the world, in the family, in the community, in friendships, in work, in leisure, and in citizenship. They emphasize the laity’s vocation to bring the light of the Gospel to economic affairs. Discuss how the biblical and ethical vision of justice and love influences your way of life. In what ways is economic life an important arena in the search for holiness?
  1. The bishops suggest that being a disciple of Christ may demand being countercultural. In what ways is Catholic teaching on social ethics, on economic justice, and on materialism a countercultural message?
  1. The bishops end their letter with a call to continued reflection and action. How can you, your family, and your parish continue to learn more about Catholic social teaching and its implications for economic life? What immediate steps can you take in your own life, within your family, and in your community to promote greater economic justice?

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