Are You Worth Your Salt?

Peace Connections

salt“If salt goes flat, how can you restore its flavor?”

Many people suffer from a lack of identity and a clear sense of purpose.  They wander aimlessly, feeling as though they have no reason to exist.  In today’s gospel, Jesus offers those who would follow him identity and purpose.  “You are salt.  You are light.  You are a city set on a hill.”  The Romans of Jesus’ day had a saying, “There is nothing more useful than sun and salt.”  Jesus affirms his followers that they are the most valuable commodities in the world.  They are good for something.  In fact, in Roman society, soldiers were paid in salt.  (From whence comes our word salary).  One used to hear the saying, “He is not worth his own salt.”  But Jesus says we are worth salt, not only to him but to the world.  We have an important role to play…

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