Support unemployment insurance for workers searching for decent jobs!

Economy still failing to produce sufficient decent job opportunities for all who want to work

Last week, the Senate passed a temporary extension of emergency unemployment benefits. Now the House of Representatives needs to act to restore this basic financial security for the most vulnerable job seekers.
There is still a large gap between the amount of job seekers and available positions. Additionally, research shows that workers unemployed for longer than six months face very long odds and, in many places, discrimination in their job search.
Unemployment is an evil that wounds human dignity. During times of economic pain and high unemployment, there is a moral obligation to ensure unemployed workers and their families have a basic level of security so that they can continue to meet basic needs.
Write to your representative today and urge them to extend emergency unemployment compensation.
Your voice is needed now to protect poor and vulnerable people across the United States.
Look up your Members of Congress telephone numbers and call today!
E-mail your Members of Congress now!
Thank you for your continued dedication and advocacy. 


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