Wanted: Peace Intercessors

Dear Friends,

Some of you may have already heard of our initiative to form a community of peacemakers who feel drawn to continuing their peace work with the indispensable ministry of intercession.

A lot of our colleagues, and perhaps some of you, are no longer able to participate in planning meetings or are unable to be at a given time and place for a number of reasons. Yet, your passion for bringing peace on earth has moved you to look for an opportunity to remain united in our promotion for a civilization of love.

Will you help us by interceding for us and with us?

What we are forming is called the Joliet Diocese Justice and Peace Intercessory Community and, while it is a ministry of the Office for Human Dignity, it is an effort of the Joliet Diocese Social Justice Coalition.


Peacemakers and justice ministers are working long hours throughout the Diocese, at different levels, every day and night. While our numbers are stressed, we know that all those who can no longer participate organizing a seminar or a training, can still be present in their prayers.

How it works: Email peaceprayers@dioceseofjoliet.org saying your interested. Make sure you tell us what parish you belong to. Your email will be added to a group of intercessors who will receive a list of prayer requests periodically for you to minister with in accordance with your schedule. Every email sent out will always have an option for you to remove yourself from the group if you no longer wish to participate in this way. The prayer requests may be submitted from peacemakers and justice ministers around the Diocese, they may concern joys and hopes, griefs and anxieties, events, things to be thankful for, or may be of a more personal nature.

Not all parishes are represented at our Coalition or various committee meetings, but with your participation in the Intercessory Community we will establish communion with one another as we strive for greater justice in the world. I hope every parish can share the grace of a member’s intercession and I look forward to the Intercessory Community’s participation in our ministry for salvation.


Keith Michael

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